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About Us

Hong Outsourcing is a worldwide service provider located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We have strong ASP.Net, Ruby on Rails, Java, LAMP(Linux + Apache + MySql + PHP), mobile platform development skills, search engine marketing knowledge, and Amazon Cloud Computing experience. Using the innovative and efficient techniques and tools available today, we have serviced a multitude of clients from industries such as:

  •     E-commerce
  •     Apple and Android app
  •     Professional Services
  •     Advanced Technology

We are a unique online web solution provider. NOT ONLY are we web-design and cloud infrastructure specialists, but an experienced marketing team to help your business blossom and grow. Hong Outsourcing offers valuable, comprehensive solutions such as:

  •     Web design makeover to optimize search engine friendly web pages
  •     Consultations and tips to establish internet goals & determine priorities
  •     Search Engine Marketing ~ [Highest rank in Google,Yahoo, MSN]
  •     Consultation for marketing on Google Adwords, Google Product Search and Yahoo Search
  •     Amazing customer service for optimal management because it's all about you

We support all kinds of business, regardless if you are a family owned business, a small town business, or even a large corporation looking for a fresh take on interactive internet marketing, Hong Outsourcing ensures the utmost success for you. Hong Outsourcing Inc. provides small to medium sized businesses with a Strategy Partner. We know how to approach the Internet sales targets as a whole, rather than as different parts of a puzzle. With a combined 10 years of technology and marketing experience you can assure that our specialists know that the success of your project is the ONLY viable solution.



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